General Traffic Rules

  • Driving in Bahrain is on the right.

  • Seatbelts are compulsory for the driver and the front seat passenger.

  • Small children must be seated in the back.

  • Mobiles (cellphones) are not allowed unless you have a hands-free attachment.

  • Road signs are in English and Arabic and easy to follow. 

  • The speed limit on inner city roads varies between 50 and 80 kph and the maximum on highways is 100 kph.

  • If you happen to meet with an accident while driving call the  traffic police and follow their instructions. If it is major accident then they may come physically to the spot and prepare the rport.

The Traffic Offences Department specialist are

  1. Terminate the simple traffic violations procedures, which range between (BD 5 to 10). 

  2. Transfer the serious traffic violations to the Public Prosecution to act. 

  3. Present different services to the audience, as follows: 

    • Audit the traffic transactions (vehicle registration + ownership renewal + driving license renewal, etc.) 

    • Withdraw the driving licenses (inebriety offences, inebriety, high-speed) 

    • Follow up the implementation of the public prosecutor judgments and decisions.
A bill passed by Bahrain Parliament restricts resident expatriates living in Bahrain of non-GCC nationality from obtaining driving licence for a car or machine vehicle unless the nature of his/her job requires it.